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[OOC] Crit Post

Crit goes here! Comments are screened until I reply to them, after which I will leave them unscreened (unless you specifically ask me to rescreen your comments for you.) Note: I generally do not accept criticism on inter-character relationships unless said crit is using the relationship to explain a deeper characterization flaw. I will gladly explain anything you like! But I do kind of get irked when people say "I liked this relationship better in canon" or "you're making this dynamic too fast/slow/mushy/whatever" unless it's like. Really extreme and OOC.


[OOC] Icon Policy

Okay! I have spent a very, very long time making these icons. Just ask my castmates, sooob. They had to put up with me the whole two months I waited to app him. CFUD also has this tendency to have its icons ~mysteriously show up~ on other character journals, with no credit or note or anything. I know they're just icons, but I would rather upset if that happened to me.

... however! I am all for sharing my icons with other people. Especially if I know that you're using them. And I know there's at least one Watanuki player out there who's asked to borrow my icons. ILU Panda~ So here's the deal. If you want to use my icons, you may! But I would ask that you a) credit this journal somewhere (preferably in the icon comments, if only 'cause that's where I look first), and b) drop me a line here saying that you're using them. Heck, I'll prep a .zip file for you so you can have them all in one shot, if you like.

Hopefully that didn't sound too ego-y. I just want to share! And not have to be angry at people.


[OOC] Hiatus

This probably won't make a whole lot of difference, considering how much I've been around anyway, buuut. Full hiatus for a week! I have been massively, horribly sick this week, and intend on taking a full break from the internet to make sure that I recover. I might be in IRC, but that's it.

Also, dropping Shinji! He went home with Kanji.


[OOC] xxxHolic 185 Script + Preview


Happily, the language was faaairly simple this time around, so I just sat down and translated it.

WHEEHA spoilersCollapse )


This is Watanuki. I swear for the rest of forever that I will make America hamburgers without argument. I will also give everyone hugs that asks for them.

Um. Also, did I mention I'll make hamburgers forever?

Right! This promise is in effect.... now.

Also, I swear I won't delete this entry.

Also, this is totally Watanuki and not fake.

ETA: DISREGARD THIS, America sucks >(

[OOC] Threading Poll~~

... I like Kyou's idea. |D Like she said, this poll is for anyone! Old relationships you want to do a new thread with, new characters you'd like to arrange a meeting with, following up a good first impression, anything in between. Also, if you happen to have a thread that you can link me with, I will happily jump you at some point today/this weekend. (And if not, I'll still keep an eye out for you. :|d)

Poll #1388930 Threading poll~

Ishida Uryuu, Quincy Archer and seamster, needs to thread with...

Malcolm Reynolds, space cowboy, needs to thread with...

Kurogane, grumpy ninja with a heart of gold, needs to thread with...

Aragaki Shinjiro, grumpy hobo with a heart of ... puppies, needs to thread with...

Watanuki Kimihiro, tasty cook and CLAMP protagonist, needs to thread with...

Ginko, mystical hobo, needs to thread with...

Devin Wilshire, enthusastic conspiracy theorist, needs to thread with...


[OOC] Five Things

Oh what the hell. It's slow at work and LJ doesn't like letting me change journals today. :( Ask me something and I will reply with five things! And stuff.

Current lineup: Ishida, Mal, Kurogane, Shinjiro, Watanuki, Ginko, and Devin.


So! Newtype had a big 20th anniversary CLAMP entry this week, which included character rankings for all of CLAMP's characters. (Un?)surprisingly, Watanuki has the top spot. Which means he gets a fabulous, awesome new picture together with Mr. #6, Doumeki...